Docker for Cyclid

We’ve made it even easier to get up and running Cyclid with Docker.
The recent release of Cyclid added the ability to run your Cyclid jobs in Docker containers. Now we’ve released everything you need to run Cyclid itself on Docker.

  • Docker images for Cyclid Server, Sidekiq & Cyclid UI
  • The Dockerfiles for each of the containers.
  • A docker-compose file that will create all of the containers needed to run Cyclid.

With Cyclid for Docker you can now be up and running your Continuous Integration jobs within seconds:

In Docker, On Docker

With the pre-built Docker images, Cyclid will also run jobs in Docker. This is not Docker in Docker; the Docker control socket is made available to the Sidekiq container, which allows the Docker Builder plugin to use the same Docker daemon to create new containers to run jobs. It looks something like this:


Of course if you build your own containers you can change the configuration file and choose to use any of the other Builder plugins, if you’d prefer. You can also choose to use your own MySQL and Redis servers; just set the appropriate environment variables when you start your containers.