A new release for July

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, but there’s still time for new features and updates.

We’ve released a new version of Cyclid, along with updated Docker images & Vagrant box. Of course if you’re a hosted Cyclid user then you don’t need to do anything at all: we’ve upgraded everything for you!

The fail_if modifier

You can now cause a Stage to fail with the fail_if modifier. Is the code base lacking test coverage? fail_if will let you fail the CI build quickly and easily.

Unlike the existing only_if and not_if modifiers, the fail_if modifier is evaluated at the end of the Stage, so you can run whatever Steps you like and then decide if the Stage should pass or fail.

New plugins

The Github Comments plugin lets you add a comment to a Github Issue or Pull Request, directly from your CI job. We’ve also updated the Github plugin to add some useful information from Pull Requests; so you can add a comment directly to the active Pull Request, if you’d like.

Although it’s not new we’ve also added the Bundler plugin to hosted Cyclid. If you’re a Ruby developer, you can simplify your jobs with the Bundler plugin which wraps commands with bundle exec; a small but powerful little trick for Ruby developers!

We hope you’ll find these new features useful. We’d also like to hear from you if there’s a feature of plugin you’d like to see in Cyclid. Why not drop by the Cyclid Slack channel and let us know?