A second July release

Not content with just one release this month, there’s yet another new version of Cyclid, and this one is even better than the last!

This time we’ve added some major new features, and fixed a bunch of bugs that had gone past “slightly annoying”.

Job linting & error handling

A new job linter has been added, which means that every single job that is submitted to Cyclid is now checked for errors before it is run. This helps catch obvious problems earlier, and gives you better feedback, quicker. The best part is that the linter is the exact same one that is used with the new Cyclid Client release, so you can check your Cyclid jobs before you run them and be confident that they’re correct.

At the same time we’ve also made an effort to improve error handling, so you’ll now get more useful errors when a job has problems: no more of those odd “empty” failed jobs!

Better sudo

The Transport plugins no longer indiscriminately run everything with “sudo”: now “sudo” will only be used when it is explicitly requested. The new “sudo” argument for the Command & Script Action plugins means you can now write jobs that can use sudo privileges only when required.

Plugin information

Every plugin now provides useful information about itself (metadata), and a new API endpoint allows clients to retrieve the plugin information.

Lint & format your jobs

The latest release of the Cyclid Client adds the new “job lint” and “job format” commands. “job lint” will check your Cyclid job for potential problems and errors, and let you know about them before you try to run it. “job format” will happily reformat an existing job file into standardised YAML or JSON, or even convert between the two formats: so now it really doesn’t matter which you prefer!

All of these new features are available for hosted Cyclid users; be sure to follow the upgrade instructions if you’re upgrading yourself!